Saturday, July 18, 2009

Newbie to the Blogosphere!

Okay... Woo! I'm new at this.
So... I guess I should start off with a little info about myself.
(Um, yeah I hate introductions. I suck. Can you already tell? haha)

Anyway, here goes...

Me. In bullets. (Because I'm cool. And just too lazy to write/type? correctly because it's summer and my brain is dead.)
  • So, my name is Briana. (It's pronounced Bree-anne-uh, by the way. You know, as if there were two n's (Brianna). Yeah, my mom apparently didn't know that that extra n left out, made quite a significant difference in it's pronunciation while naming me. Which causes her to get annoyed when people call me Bree-ON-uh (haha). ) So... yeah, just throwing that out there. 
  • I'm 17 years old. (almost legal! ;D )
  • I (unfortunately) live in Texas.
  • Officially a college freshman. (After three long years of climbing, I'm at the bottom once again!  -_- Wonderful.)
  • I don't drive. (As much as I wanna say that I am in fact, an excellent driver, but care far too much about our mother earth and choose to avoid killing her with an environment-killing vehicle, I can't. Can't say that and can't drive. Horrible, I know. But... I manage to deal.
  • I spend ALL of my time and money on 3 (very important) main necessities. (Well, to me and my sanity, at least. haha) So more on that later! :)
  • I love cupcakes. I'm obsessed, actually.
  • I LOVE shopping but hate malls. Really. They... annoy me. :/
  • I don't like t.v. (Aside from the few select shows I love, own and ONLY watch on dvd, I don't/won't watch it. Although, because it's summer, I have been turning it on lately...) I'm weird, I know. Haha
  • I love running. I have to go running at least once daily.
  • I absolutely love California. Planning on moving there in two years! 
  • I grew up in a super small, boring town where the closest mall &/or movie theater is about an hour away. (Which you know, is great for me because I can travel there any time I want in my amazing car I was gifted with for receiving my license. :|   [/end sarcasm] )
  • So, since we have nothing where I live and basically live like the amish, the only thing to do in my town (other than dying of boredom) is hanging out at friends' houses. Really. I honestly wish I were joking. So... aside from that I occupy myself with 3 forms of entertainment.
  1. Music. I don't what I'd do without it. Going to concerts is pretty much my life. I love it. The whole experience is great and I also love recording it. (And yeah, I know that's illegal. I'm a rebel. :D )
  2. Reading. What can I say... I love books. I'm obsessed with YA mostly, but I'm open to pretty much anything as well. I love talking to & discovering new authors. They're great. 
  3. My computer. Socializing here, where I live,  with people other than the ones I'm already friends with, is pretty much a one-way ticket to std-land and/or um, nowhere. So I've made quite a few friends from various forums & message boards , which is really great.

So with these being my main thrills in life (lol. So sad!), I've decided to combine them all and *finally* start blogging. Which I've been meaning to do for a while. It's been a goal of mine. :) haha

So... what to expect on here:
I'm mainly gonna focus on books (reviews, recommendations, etc.). 
But since there are quite a few amazing book reviewers out there already, and I don't think I'm particularly good at reviewing, I'll mostly be recommending and rambling about upcoming books and authors. With a concert video thrown in here and there, of course. ;)

I'd also like to meet new people/bloggers & make more friends, so if you wanna chat or drop a comment, do so! I'd tell you more about myself but I'm just far too boring and don't think it would be a good idea to scare people off while attempting to reel them in! haha


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