Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay. So to get this whole blog going, I thought I'd kind of name a few of my favorite books. You know, just to give you an idea of my taste in this genre. Hopefully you find we have a few of these in common! :)

5. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray

At first, I was a bit iffy before reading these. I love paranormal/supernatural type books, but I'm not too big of a fantasy fan. After hearing nothing but great things about them, I finally gave in and was totally glad I did! This is an amazing (and slightly underrated!) series, with a soon-to-be movie adaptation on the way. Definitely worth checking out!
And like I mentioned to my friend who frequently asks me for book recommendations, "If you like Charmed, Harry Potter or Titanic, you'll most likely love these!" Lucky for me, she's been obsessed with all three of those^ at one point or another! haha
I can't wait to hear her opinion!

4. Avalon High by Meg Cabot
What would the YA literary world be WITHOUT this author? Meg Cabot in my eyes, can do no wrong. She's a pro at YA! (She's actually a pro at writing! Period.) She's definitely one of my absolute favorite authors, with most of her books on my list of favorites. With that said, this book is probably my #1 favorite of hers.
I love them all so it's really hard to give it that title, but there's just something about AH that I loved and stood out from the others.

I believe it's also (like many other Cabot books) been optioned to be made into a film as well, and also has a sequel in the form of a 3-part manga series! The last manga, Avalon High: Coronation #3: Hunter's Moon, will be released September 1st!
Not only is the story cute and fun, but I also learned a thing or two about the whole King Arthur & Knights of the Round Table legend. So woo! Win-win situation! haha
Be sure to check 'em out (along with Meg's other books, of course!) :)

3. Bloom by Elizabeth Scott
I remember first buying this novel, not really expecting it to be amazingly great or anything (I mean, it seemed interesting but I had been disappointed GREATLY with the books I was reading at that time). Um, yeah. So I'll just keep it short and say, I was completely impressed with Elizabeth and the fact that this was her first book! It was so real- from the characters, to the situations and of course, the world of high school. Speaking of the characters (which to me, is the most important dynamic of a story), I really loved the main character Lauren and even though I knew what she was doing throughout the book was wrong, I couldn't entirely blame her and I was rooting for her and Evan till the end. ;)

I recommend every single one of Elizabeth Scott's books! Especially if you're a fan of Sarah Dessen and/or Deb Caletti, or just looking for a great book. You will not be disappointed!

2. Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers
Hmm... Where shall I start with this one?
Well, from what I can tell from reviews, I am not alone in my absolute adoration of this book.
Since you know now that characters are my favorite part of books, I was just blown away by the characters in this one. Usually you have the "good" characters (you know, the ones you love and root for), the side characters (who aren't the main focus, but compliment the main characters in one way or another), and the "bad" characters, aka villains (self explanatory. the ones opposite of the protagonists). In this novel however, this was totally not the case.
I do believe this is one of the very few books where I've loved every character regardless of what side they were on, or whatever.
Parker was of course, my favorite! Seriously. I really don't understand why some people had a hard time trying to like her, or found her rather annoying.
I loved everything about her! From her attitude, her humor and just... everything.
She even made it onto my 'top favorite characters EVER!' list. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone.

Courtney's 2nd book Some Girls Are, will be released next year. I can't wait to read more of her work! She's most definitely an author to look out for! :)

1. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
Again, another author who point blank, makes YA what it is today.
I read a lot growing up but in junior high is when it came to a halt. I'm not sure why exactly... I just didn't read much (or at all...) during that time.
In the beginning of my freshman year is when I first discovered Sarah Dessen. She is the one I must thank for getting me back into reading. Seriously. Because it was with this book, that I discovered 'Young Adult Literature' in the first place. I was officially hooked! :D
This was the first book of hers that I read and four years later, after reading every one of her books, it conveniently enough, remains my favorite (with TTAF coming in 2nd, and Just Listen & AFTR, tied for 3rd). Remy like Parker, is on 'The List". haha
There's just something about those two... They're both independent, strong, cynical, and don't give a damn about what anyone thinks.
I love them!

Sarah Dessen's books are, in my opinion, essential to every teenage girl reader.
In her stories she brings us realistic situations and characters, and throughout the book we learn along with her characters, ultimate lessons in, of and about life.
With her NINTH book recently released, she continues to amaze and satisfy us all and is definitely THE author whose work I will always be interested in reading!


So... there you have it! Just a few of my favorites. Because, if I hadn't limited it to five I would've never gotten this posted! haha



  1. I have the first two in the Gemma Doyle series and This Lullaby but haven't read them yet. I really want to read Cracked Up To Be! Hey we have another Briana in the blogosphere and we spell our names the same which is cool but uncommon since most people spell it with two 'N's or an 'e'. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    ~Briana :D

  2. Thanks! And wooo! I haven't met anyone else who spells their name the same! ha! :)


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