Friday, July 31, 2009

So.... I haven't updated in a while.
I've been a little busy with prepping/shopping for college and planning my birthday, and whatnot...
(Lame excuse? Yeah, I know. But that's all I got. haha)

But I'm back now! :D

Anyway, I can't say I've read much lately. Which sucks, because the the fact that I would have time to get some reading done was mainly the whole reason I was excited for summer! :(

I did, however, *finally* read Paper Towns by John Green.

I absolutely LOVED the fact that they made two different covers! I have the blue one.
And is it just me, or does the Margo model totally look like Emily Browning? o.0

Now I'm being really lazy right at the moment, so I might or might not do a (sucky) review over it later.
So many bloggers have read AND reviewed it already, anyway so I think my review would be a bit repetitive.
I will say though, that I really liked it and definitely recommend it.
And the same things go for all of John's books. If you haven't read them be sure to put them on your list! :)


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