Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Reading List

So... I'm just gonna go ahead and say up front, that I'm so not looking forward to school.
Really. I'm actually dreading it. Anddd I'm completely not ready!
No books, supplies OR clothes yet. Ugh.
Everyone says college will be different though, but I don't know... We shall see.

Anyway, I don't know about anyone else, but the high school I went to wasn't as... advanced (?) as some other schools (academically, I mean). It was just your average public high school, which meant: we didn't have reading lists. Ever.
Honestly, we hardly read at all (even in English class).
Yep, not lying. It's kinda sad, actually. :/

But anyway-

So, naturally (with me being the lazy person I am), I was pretty horrified that upon attending my college orientation, I was given a book and was told that I was expected to read it over the summer. Yes, I know it's college, and you're there because you WANT to be, so you should expect to WORK, but... yeah.
I'm not used to having assignments during my vacation time, and even if I was, I'd still be bothered because I have to finish a book (that I have zero interest in reading, I might add), when I could be reading one of the fifty books in my tbr pile (that I've been looking forward to doing ALL SUMMER), in... let's see, 2 weeks..?
Yep, that's the time I have left before I move into my dorm.
(Crazy! I remember looking at my calendar and counting 30+ days I had left.... :/ Summer always goes by fast. ): )

Anyway, I guess I'm just glad it was just one book I was given (I guess... I'm trying to comfort myself with that. Blah....).

So the book?

A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

I've never heard of it before (though, to be fair, It's not exactly located in the section I browse at B&N). But after looking it up on amazon, I found it has a pretty good rating. So... we'll see!
Maybe I'll end up being pleasantly surprised! :D

Yeah, probably not....

(Because, okay- on a COMPLETE side note, I have this thing where if I'm forced to do something, regardless if I love it, I will completely hate it.
Example: I love running. In athletics/gym class? Yeah, no thank you. I walked half the time.
English? One of the few books we read in class was Pride and Prejudice. Thankfully, I'd already read it (and loved it, of course), so the experience wasn't entirely ruined for me. BUT- a book I'd normally jump at the opportunity to reread for fun, that was now being shoved in my face to analyze, made me really annoyed.
So... yeah.

Anyone else that way?...
I don't know, I'm probably just weird. haha)

Anyway, if anyone has a summer reading list, feel free to share!
Especially your like or dislike for it! ;)

I should be getting started on AWNM soon. -_-
Wish me luck!


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