Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spotlight Tuesday (1)

Hey everyone!
I'm not sure about you, but according to my reading list, blog posts are definitely less frequent on Tuesdays (and trust me, I follow A LOT of blogs). So, I decided to create my own little feature to be called Spotlight Tuesday.
With as many new books that are currently being released, there are a lot of older titles that tend to go unnoticed. Because of that, I decided it'd be fun to choose a book every Tuesday and spotlight it with whatever (whether it be a review, giveaway, a basic synopsis-whatever you like!).
I like spreading the word about all the books I enjoy and I feel there are some books out there that deserve equal attention as others. Participate if you'd like, I'm just doing this for fun. :)

My first book(s) spotlighted is...


This series is one of my favorites and I was totally sad that a 4th wasn't going to be written/published. I'm assuming it's because of lack of sales. :(

I'm not too sure how to describe this series, but to compare it with the Hex Hall & Evernight series (the similarities being, they're all set at boarding schools that aren't exactly what they seem). Only, these were released first.

If you're one of those people who's put off because it's an MTV book, don't be. Some of the best YA books I've read have been MTV books. I highly recommend checking out this series!
For those who really are interested, the first book, Wuthering High, is on amazon for an amazingly cheap price! I caved and bought it even though I already own it...

So tell me: Are there any books out there that you think need more attention?

Leave a comment to enter to win a copy of Wuthering High, aka the book I just re-bought.
The winner will be picked at random next week and will be announced in the next Spotlight Tuesday post! :)



  1. Interesting recommendation. I'd never even heard of this series.

  2. (Don't enter me to the giveaway, I own the whole series)

    This series is super, super awesome!
    I adore it. I was CRUSHED that there was not a fourth book! I felt the series had still so much to give!!!

    I highly recommend it too!! Miranda is an awesome heroine and her friends are great! Plus it has HEATHCLIFF!

  3. YAY! Someone else that knows about it! haha
    I love Heathcliff! :D


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