Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spotlight Tuesday (2)

Spotlight Tuesday is when I choose a book that I feel deserves more attention, therefore I spotlight it with a synopsis, review, etc. in order to shed some light on it.

This week's pick is...

This is book one, French Kiss.

The series is basically about the main character Edie and her relationship with Dylan and it spans into 3 books. You know, just in a nutshell. There's plenty of drama and romance (two of my favorite things!) that kept me entertained and it was great to see the characters grow as the series went on. I was really sad to see the series end, but I loved the ending, so it was nice to end on a happy note.

I first read this series years ago when I was around 15, having been recommended to it by someone. One of the best recommendations ever! I don't often read many books from overseas, because I'll be honest, I don't really understand much of the lingo. Well, that totally doesn't matter for these books. The awesomeness clearly outweighs the slightly foreign expressions. Trust me.
I definitely recommend this series for fans of the Jessica Darling series (which happens to be one of my favorite series EVER, did you know that? It is.).

Are there any books out there you think need more recognition, or at the very least, some acknowledgement?


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