Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December lovin' and contest!

It's here!!! The month we've all been waiting for (or maybe just me):


So if it isn't obvious by now, December is my absolute favorite month. We got cold weather, Christmas lights, music, movies, decorations, parties, shopping and best of all: NO SCHOOL.
Yeah, that last one just about does it.

Not only is December awesome for all of the above, but so many great books are being released as well. My wallet is dying as I type this.

Anyway, since I will be in a much better mood and have much more time this month, and you guys are pretty awesome, I decided to have another giveaway! I was thinking about having a Christmas contest, but not everyone celebrates Christmas and well, this is so much funner! Yes, I just said funner.

So what does all of this mean? Well, my December giveaway will consist of one of my most anticipated 2010 releases! It was really hard to choose, but I figured everyone and their mother will be buying Last Sacrifice soon, ditto Anna and the French Kiss, and then it hit me!

You lovely people should definitely know by now that Courtney is one of my absolute favorite authors and Fall For Anything is her third novel. Now, if you're anything like a few people I know, you may be thinking 'You've only read two of her books and she's already a favorite?'
My answer: Yes. Yes, yes, YES. You see, I don't throw the whole "ZOMG YOU'RE MY FAV AUTHOR" around lightly. When I say it, I mean it. So if a writer can do that to me with just a book or two, believe me, that says something.

So what exactly is up for grabs?


-A copy of Fall For Anything
- A copy of Some Girls Are
-A copy of Cracked Up To Be
-Assorted swag & treats

(Don't her books look so pretty together!)

I know Courtney has a pretty great fan base already, but I think she's so awesome and just a bit underrated. So whether you win or not, I highly suggest picking up a copy of Fall For Anything or any of her other novels. You will NOT be disappointed.

-You MUST be a follower.
-You MUST fill out the form.

To enter:
-Fill out the form here.
-1 bonus point for leaving a comment below letting me know what you're most looking forward to this month. If nothing, tell me what your favorite month is! :)

Contest ends 12/31.



  1. Hi Briana :)
    I'm most looking forward to seeing my children's faces on Christmas morning.
    All the best,

  2. I LOVE December too! AND LAST SACRIFICE COMES OUT! Okay, I feel better now :P

    In SEVEN days I will be finished with school. I am so ready for this semester to END. It has been a rough one.

    I JUST heard about Fall for Anything today and I haven't read any of her other books. I'm guessing I should? I'll add them all to my TBR pile.

    Thanks for the amazing contest! I love it :)

  3. Also, I've had coffee, and that should explain the ALL CAPS words. Caffeine heightens my excitement :D

  4. Awesome contest! It might seem silly, and it's not bookish, but I'm most looking forward to St. Nick's Day, Dec. 7, when my family's German tradition is to put out our stockings for some early presents.

  5. I'm most looking forward to spending time with family, reading books, and enjoying all the really good food we have at Christmas at my house. And Christmas Eve specifically because that's when we exchange gifts :D Also I am hoping we get a white Christmas, but not counting on it LOL.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  6. I'm most looking forward the holidays! Yay for not having to go to school :D And the book I'm most looking forward to this December is probably Anna and the French Kiss, but Fall for Anything is a close second!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  7. Bookish related: I am looking forward to the school semester ending so that I can read the entire Vampire Academy series for the first time!

    Non-bookish related: Seeing my 2 year old nephew's face on Christmas morning after "Santa" has visited. I love watching little kids get excited about that!

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway. And I agree, all 3 of those book covers together look quite lovely :-)

  8. Bookish related: I'm most looking forward to having more time to read. December brings cold weather and snow so I tend to hibernate.
    My favorite month? July. I miss warm weather already! :)

  9. I am looking forward to having my kids home from school! Sounds funny, but I miss them when they are gone all day. Nuts, I know!

    Jen @ I Read Banned Books

  10. I'm so looking forward to having the possibility of winter weather ;-) (Read: I live in the south and we rarely get anything beyond a few days of cold weather here.)

    And yes, the three books look quite fab side by side.

    Stacey @ Flippin' Fabulous

  11. Her new book looks really good. Thanks for the giveaway! It's so sweet that you're adding snacks, fun. :D

    I'm most looking forward to my two weeks off plus going to Nevada for Christmas..

  12. I'm looking forward to an excited two year old at Christmas.

  13. I love Christmas, so much enjoyment watching my nieces and nephews open all of their presents while I play santa.

  14. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    I'm most looking forward to being with my family at Christmas morning, sitting round the tree in our pyjama's, eating leftovers for breakfast and unwrapping gifts we bought for each other. And maybe it'll even snow, that would be absolutely perfect.

  15. Seriously what an awesome contest! :D
    I'm looking forward too all of the Christmas decorations like the lights outside and in stores! Also I love the specials Starbucks has too for the holidays! ;)

  16. I'm looking forward to traveling with my family this December, and seeing some real snow! Great giveaway! :)

  17. Oh how can you even ask? The Last Sacrifice is coming out soon! It's better than Christmas :D

  18. I'm mostly looking forward the free time to read and not been busy, just relax. :)

  19. Hi Bree! Can I call you that?

    I heard about your blog from Courtney Summers' Facebook fan page. I really like book reviewers and fellow bookworms so I got attracted almost immediately.

    I'm from the Philippines by the way, so upon reading that you're giving away CS' books I got so excited! Her books aren't being sold here so you must understand how keen I am. All the more reason for me to want to join in your contest. ^_^

    So, what am I looking forward most this Christmas? It will be my third time after 7 years that I'll get to have a trip to Manila, our USA in the Philippines. I am so looking forward to that. Besides being able to go book shopping and sight-seeing, I am very much looking forward to seeing my Dad once again. He's my hero and I only get to be with him occasionally. He's my personal Santa and he buys me most of my books. He loves us so much and we do too. I'm sure this will be my most joyous holiday yet because it is going to be the moment when our family will celebrate Christmas together once again. And complete, at that. (n_n)

    best regards and cheers,

  20. I am looking forward to winter break! School is killing me this year hahah so two weeks off will be amazing! and I will finally be able to sit down and read a book without worrying about homework, etc. :) Happy December!

  21. Thanks so much for the giveaway! :D

    I'd love to win me some Courtney Summers' books...

    I'll say FIXING DELILAH. I've actually read 2 of my most anticipated reads. Still have a couple more to grab up, like VIXEN, BITTEN MELON and ROSEBUSH.

    Happy December to you, too!

  22. What am I looking most forward to this month? Definitely Christmas with my family!

    clderwee at gmail dot com

  23. Um my birthday is in December so I adore this month! But aside from my birthday I am looking forward to just being with my family :)


  24. I'm looking forward to snow! It rarely snows where I live but I always hold out hope for a white Christmas :)

    Great contest, by the way, and the books sound fabulous!

  25. I'm most looking forward to winning this contest.

    Also, it kinda looks like it says "negative one bonus point" for leaving a comment. Can I get a bonus point for pointing this out? You know, to make up for the negative one.

  26. Awesome giveaway!

    I'm really looking forward to receiving some books I ordered & reading them. :) My favorite month is August!

  27. I'm looking forward to read FALL FOR ANYTHING!

    and I do agree with you, Courtney is way underrated, she's awesome, EVERYONE should check out her books (:

    also, I can't seem to find the "follow" button your talking about here:
    "click on "follow" up in the left hand corner next to the blogger search bar"

    and I've been reading your blog, and found it very cool

  28. This is an awesome giveaway Bree! Some Girls Are was one of my favorite books this year (even though I somehow failed to review it on my blog).

    I am so looking forward to December because of the many awesome book releases, as well as Christmas cookies! :)

  29. Howdy!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!
    I have to admit that apart from books, what I am really looking forward this month is mostly the days off work I am going to get! lol
    That way I will have more time to read! ;P

  30. i'm looking forward for our family get together on the 24th of december :) wherever we are, we make ways to share dinner on that day and to have some exchange gifts to the young and old :) i love the warm feeling Christmas season brings. :) this is my favorite month of the year because it brings out the best in people :)

  31. I am not a fan of this month...but
    I cannot WAIT until The Last Sacrifice comes out. That's what I'm looking forward to. Plus some days off so I can read and enjoy :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  32. Hi Bree! I am looking forward to our family reunion on Christmas Day! :D December is my most favorite month of the year!

    Glad that you're loving this month! Happy Holidays!

  33. I'm most looking forward to Christmas Morning breakfast! :) Eating way too much while you're still in your pj's has it's charm. :D

    Happy Holidays!


  34. Fantastic giveaway! I've heard SO many great things about Courtney Summers books but I've yet to read any. I really think that needs rectifying ASAP.

    What I was most looking forward to this month came about yesterday - the release of Richelle Mead's LAST SACRIFICE! And boy, did it live up to the hype :D Also December is the month of Christmas and my birthday!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  35. I am most looking forward to seeing 100 monkey's at the end of the month

  36. What I'm looking forward to most this month? Um, LAST SACRIFICE. Or, well, I was. I already read it (and loved it) but that was definitely my "most anticipated thing."

    P.S. I, too, love Decembers.

  37. I love December too! Perfect way to wrap up every year :)

    The things that I'm most looking forward to this month are the weather (lots and lots of rain, YAY!), Winter break (YEAAH baby!), the release of Vixen by Jillian Larkin (tomorrow! Whoop! Whoop!), the release of Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber, and the release of Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell :) Both on the 28th of this month! I can't wait! Awesome awesome awesome December this year, LOL!

    Thanks Bree for the awesome contest! Lots of December lovin' for me *__*

  38. I'm most looking forward to my family being together for Christmas! :D

  39. December the most awesometastic amazing month it's christmas and festive decoration i live in canada so it's beautiful white christmas i can tobaggan take a break from school and have fun with friends. I look forward to hanging out with friend and family reading the last sacrifice and fall for anything i am dying to read both of them thanks so much for the give away btw

  40. Such a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

    December is my favorite month and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I look forward to everything related to the two--snow, lights, Chirstmas trees and decorations, hot chocolate, etc.

    As for books, I am super excited for Fall for Anything and Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler.

  41. I'm most looking forward to Christmas dinner.

  42. I'm looking forward to opening my presents =D
    And I'm looking forward to my birthday in 5 days =D (but in the same time : snif, one more year again !! lol)

  43. I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family and having more time for reading :)

  44. I am looking forward two things.
    ~The books that I have ordered from online book store.
    ~The Holiday off course. So I can take a break from all my routine at the office. Re-arrange my messy room. I wish I could have a longer holiday, so I can visit my family.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  45. I'm most looking forward to my husband finishing school - Yay!!!
    Plus both of us celebrate our birthdays (his is Christmas Eve, & mine is Christmas day), so we have an extra busy month!

  46. "Note: If you don't see the follow button, you're not logged into blogger."

    I don't have a blog ):

  47. Christmas...of course! :) I love this giveaway, Bree :)

  48. i'm looking forwoard to Christmas !!

  49. My fave month is September. It's not that hot anymore, yet not cold either, plus I was born that month :-) !!

  50. I;m a follower. (:

    I'm looking forward to the unwrapping of gifts this christmas hee

  51. i'm looking forward for the holiday feasts...(",) i like to eat..hahahah

    thanks for the giveaway..(",)

  52. I am a follower and LOVE your giveaway! I want Some Girls Are sososososos bad! Thanks for hosting. I love Christmas time because everyone tries to be in the best mood and friends and family get together but my favorite time of year is Fall.....In Michigan its beautiful and Halloween is my event!!!!

  53. I follow on google friend....dor
    I am looking forward to seeing my boys during the holidays.
    I love all seasons. They all have something special about them.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  54. Absolutely December! Xmas is around and nearly an ending but a start for a new beginning!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Sorry about removing the comment above, kinda had computor problems there. These books look absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for making it for everyone, even Canada! I wish I could win but judging on how many entries...lets just say I never win. Well, my favourite month is by far December! I love the snow! Thanks again for the chance!

  57. I'm most looking forward to Christmas gifts:) Although my favorite month is November, as then is my birthday.

    Happy holidays!

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  58. Thanks for the giveaway! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! I'm looking forward into having a good time with my family and friends.

    Happy Holidays!

  59. Ahh, this month has passed! I'd go with Last Sacrifice, though, even if I still need to catch up with Spirit Bound and even if I don't want this series to end :'(

    anyway, I wish you a wonderful holiday season! :)
    justeena_25 at yahoo dot ca

  60. Just looking forward to spending the time with my family and loved ones! Not to mention opening all the presents hehe.

  61. Since Last Sacrifice has been released, I'm looking forward to Bree Despain's The Lost Saint.

  62. I'm most looking forward to watching all the holiday movies with my loved ones and for 2010 to say goodbye, and 2011 to come and bring us all we've ever wanted!

  63. hi I'm looking forward to win books;)

    thanks for this giveaway!!

  64. Hi Briana,

    I'm most looking forwards to my birthday which is in two days!

    (Badass Bookie)

  65. I'm just looking forward to this year being over. (I know that sounds bad right?) Once it's over though some great books will be coming out in 2011. I just looks at it that way. :)

  66. Humm, lots of stuff I am/was looking forward too in December.
    - My kids on Christmas morning
    - My surgery
    - Great books coming out this month
    - and the blogger break we are taking the last two weeks of Dec. Just fun stuff posted on our blog.

    Thanks for the contest.

  67. I'm looking forward for this month to end. Not because I hate December but because on January I will start my new job and I'm kinda excited, thrilled, and scared at the same time.
    MY favorite month is October, simply because it's my birth month :)

  68. My favorite month would be april and may. Know why? Coz its summer <3 and summer means more free time. And free time means books. But I'm actually looking forward for next year. Coz it means more new and awesome books to come :D

    Happy Holiday~ And thanks for the Awesome Giveaway santa bree! :D

  69. My favourite month is April - it's nearly warm and it also has my birthday! :D
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  70. This month i looked forward to my birthday which was the 10th and i really like the number 10 because it is 2010 this year and idk alot of great significant things happen on the number
    and i just love the month of december it totally fits mee :)


  71. My favorite month is February! It's the coldest month in my country. And because it's usually the month that my mother comes home from Canada.

    ana13kl AT gmail DOT com

  72. My favorite month is December, especially around the holidays :] The feeling of love and joy in the air~

  73. My favourite month is August, it's my birthday uhm month :D Well, December is ending soon, I guess I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve.

    feeyonachan at gmail dot com
    thank you for the contest! :D

  74. My favorite month has to be december, (vacations, food, presents, etc) love it.

    Thanks for the international giveaway!! fingers crossed I win I've been dying to read Fall for anything.

  75. My favorite Month is September. In September I: got married and had 3 of my 4 children.

  76. Hi! So I'm a little late with the dates, but what I look for most on December (it IS my favourite month) is spending time with my family, I think that's what makes Christmas and New Year so special! :)


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