Friday, December 17, 2010

My Top 5 Holiday Films

It's almost here!
We are precisely one week away from Christmas eve (WHERE, OH WHERE HAS MY DECEMBER GONE???), which means by now you're either done with all of your shopping and can sit back and relax from here on out, or you're like me and my family who will spend this weekend scrambling around shopping malls in an effort to scratch off every last name on our list. And I have a big family, so this is no easy thing. Plus, I get shopping anxiety very easily. Add that to my claustrophobia and let's just say holiday shopping (especially this close to Christmas) is my personal hell. Oh, the irony.

Anyway. It's around this time that we can all so easily get caught up in the madness of shopping (Mom!) and editing and re-editing our Christmas wish lists (Um, me) and forget what the holidays are about. For me, it's about spending time away from school, with my family and friends. And a lot of great food (Raise your hand if you are SICK of dining hall food! Yeah, me again). And one of my favorite things to do while relaxing besides reading, is watching all my favorite holiday movies, old and new.

You see, when people ask me why I like reading so much, my answer is quite simple: I'm in love with stories. See! Plain and simple. I love music, I love movies, I love art, and I love books because they all tell a story in their own unique way. It just so happens that books are my preferred medium in which a story is told. But for me, films are the next best thing. Especially feel good, holiday movies.

So when all the madness is over and done with, these are the top 5 films I will be sitting down to watch:

5.) Jingle All The Way - A story of a father who's thrown into bizarre yet hilarious circumstances, while on a mission to get the toy his son wants for Christmas. With all my shopping rambling and stressing, I can say that I totally relate. And I think everyone can. I mean, who HASN'T been in this situation? Remember that one year with Tickle-Me Elmo? People were practically killing themselves for that creepy thing! It's so realistic and that's what makes it even funnier.

You'll shoot your eye out!
4.) A Christmas Story - Classic. 'Nuff said.

3.) It's A Wonderful Life - The tale of a man who plans to commit suicide, but with the help of an angel, sees the way the lives of his loved ones would have turned out if he had never been born. This was probably one of the first and few movies to ever make me cry. Definitely a film to pop in when you're feeling especially materialistic and need to be reminded what truly matters. One of my all-time favorites.

2.) Home Alone -
Okay, growing up, who hasn't wished that somehow, some way, their parents did something so careless and ended up with such a guilt trip that left them in your debt forever? ... Or was I just a sick, twisted little kid? This is another favorite that I not only love watching, but also reciting. Seriously. I know every line in every scene, down to the facial expressions. My family finds this annoying. They're clearly just jealous.

1.) The Family Stone - One film that does not get enough credit! I could go on and on about what I love about this movie, but I'll keep it short. Rachel McAdams! I'm not a huge fan of hers or anything, so believe me when I say that her character in this movie is one of my favorites EVER. She's sarcastic, meddling, and a teensy bit evil, but deep down is an actual... wait for it... person! And as you know, those are always my favorite. She pulls off the role in such a hilarious, real way, it's hard not to love her even if she is a big "meanie" for most of the movie.

Honorable Mentions:
-The Polar Express
-Love Actually
-The Holiday

So. What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Anything I missed? I'd love to know!

Oh, and good luck to my fellow late Christmas shoppers! We're all going to need it...



  1. I also like Elf with Will Ferrell. And although it's not specifically a Christmas movie, The Sound of Music is always on TV around Christmas time. You can't not love Maria and the Von Trap's.

  2. In my opinion, it's not Xmas without Home Alone. And I haven't watched it yet this year! AHH! Gotta get going on that.

  3. Awesome picks! I have to admit, I'm a total sucker for the movie The Santa Clause, it's definitely one of my favorites =)

  4. A Christmas Story is definitely my favorite. I love the TBS marathon.

    Jingle All the Way was a favorite of mine when I was kid, but I can't stand Schwarzenegger now so I haven't seen it in such a long time.

  5. Great picks! I have yet to see Jingle All the Way, but I love all the others! And I agree, The Family Stone doesn't get enough credit.
    Some other favorites are Elf & Scrooged.

    My family plans tonight are actually to finally decorate the tree & watch a Christmas movie. This post just makes me that much more excited!

  6. I love Christmas movies! My favorite ones are The Year Without a Santa Claus, Elf, Home Alone, The Santa Claus, and the Muppets' Christmas Carol.

  7. Holiday movies are something that I wait during December. MY favorite are Home Alone 1 & 2, While You are Sleeping, Christmas Carol the animation. I never get bored watching them

    Love actually and The Holiday are also great. I love these movies


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