Saturday, February 12, 2011

In My Mailbox 15 - Rant Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by the super awesome Kristi from The Story Siren.

(Um, please excuse my makeshift background... I like that blanket ahaha)

What I received in the past two weeks...

Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Favorite! And I went to Lauren's Austin signing last week- SO great.

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff - Sick of hearing second-hand of how great this book is, so I decided to get on the ball and find out for myself. ;)

The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab - Squee! SO excited for this one! The people who've read it so far have said it was amazing, so I'm that much more excited to read it.

Bumped by Megan Mccafferty - I'm a huuuge Marcus Flutie Jessica Darling fan and I can't wait to delve into Megan's work outside of JD's world. It sounds great.

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender - I loooved Bad Girls Don't Die! It was one of my favorites last year and I CANNOT wait to see what happens in this one!


Kim Harrington is sending swag to those who pre-order Clarity. Definitely check it out and pre-order- it's going to be great!


Okay. I'll be honest as to why I haven't done an IMM in ages. After hearing all about how much it bothered people and how to them, it was a just a weekly chance for every blogger to "brag", it struck a nerve in me. I realized that I don't want to be looked at as someone that "shows off" or anything of the like, so I stopped. For a while.

I've been thinking lately about why I initially started participating in In My Mailbox and why I liked it so much. My answer: I don't like IMM- I love it. It does so many things for me; not only does it help me keep track of what books are coming out soon, but it also introduces me to others that I would not have heard about otherwise. Another reason: this past holiday season with the horrible weather, a lot of my book orders were delayed. And I'm sure every book blogger understands how I get when I don't get my books on time- it makes me anxious and paranoid. I don't know if my order was simply delayed, lost or even stolen (yes, I'm serious about that last one; it's happened to me before). So when IMM Sunday rolls around and I see other Texas (or near-to-me) bloggers exclaim that they *finally* received their order, it makes me relax and I know to be expecting mine soon. It may sound silly, but that little bit helps my sanity more than you know. I've got enough to deal with as it is.

The biggest, most important reason I love IMM:

Anyone heard of the "What's in my purse?" feature/"tag" from youtube? (ex. 1, 2, 3) In my ad class we learned that this feature alone has helped SO many brands. From cosmetics to phones, gadgets, wallets- you name it! And now many of the videos are even purposefully made in order to promote certain products. That's kind of what IMM is to me: Actively helping promote books (other than writing up a review for it, of course) in a way that marketing people simply can't, no matter how great their marketing/publicity campaign is. Because it can only go so far. Bloggers on the other hand, cover what the pubs can't and even give it exposure to others outside the target audience. And that goes to show that word of mouth alone, really does do all kinds of wonders.

So anyway, I will continue to participate in In My Mailbox when I can because I enjoy doing it. To those that dislike it: ignore it. To those that love it as much as me: leave a comment & a link to your IMM and I'll get back to ya asap! :)

P.S. If you read ALL of that, I kind of love you.


  1. Lol why wouldn't I read all of it? I like to hear what you have to say :)

    To make your point, I've never heard of From Bad to Cursed, but I will be looking into since I saw it on your IMM.

    Delirium! Love! You got a lot of good books this week :)

  2. Oh woah! promotes it huh? Great books this weeek! :D I so want Delirium. I wish I could've gone to Laurens signing. -.- Happy Reading Bree!

  3. I love reading the IMM posts of book bloggers. That way you get a sort of summary of books that are popular right now, and more importantly, you can often find awesome books from indie authors in someone's mailbox. I'm glad you chose to continue doing these posts (:

    Nyx Book Reviews

  4. I read all of it! :) There has been so much drama about IMM lately and I completely agree with you! It helps promote! But I am extremely jealous of you right now....The Near Witch and Bumped are two books that I really want to show up in my mailbox! TNW is probably my most anticipated book of the year! If I don't get a copy soon I might do something drastic... ;)

    Enjoy all your new books!

  5. Oh Bumped! So very jealous lol
    I hope you enjoy them all!

  6. Aww, I really, really want From Bad to Cursed! I loved the first in the series! You're so lucky!
    I got Delirium last night! Can't wait to start it!

  7. I can't wait to get my hands on The Near Witch.

    I feel the exact same way as you do about IMM - I get to hear about lots of books that I wouldn't get to otherwise. Nd of course the word of mouth is great too for the books.

  8. Here, Here! Well said :D I love doing the IMM too and it's not to brag, it's to have some squee time with my books and other bloggers. I squee when I see what you all got too. My wishlist grows by miles every Sunday and it's the one time when I will visit as many blogs as I can. I L-O-V-E it!

    You've had some beauties this week. Near Witch and Bumped aren't out over here yet but I already have them pre-ordered. Hope you enjoy them.
    PS. I stole your pretty, pretty button to put on my blog :D

  9. I love IMM posts!
    I just did a little research on Goodreads. About How I live now. Beautiful cover with a Printz award. But...war=scary.
    PS: Thank you for loving me. =)

  10. OK what did I miss? I've never heard anything bad about IMM and am honestly suprised anybody would say anything bad. I certainly don't post IMM to show off and I love reading other people's IMM posts. I get soooo many great recommendations that I wouldn't get otherwise and I like to think I can do the same for others.

    I'm in the middle of Delirium at the moment and am still unsure how I am feeling about it. I read How I Live Now a few years ago and it disturbed me so much I haven't read another dystopian novel until now.
    I really think that maybe dystopian novels are not for me but we'll see.

    OK essay over :-)


    Here's My IMM:

  11. Thanks y'all! :)

    Stephanie: Thank YOU for "listening" to me blabber. :) And I'm really looking forward to How I Live Now. I hope I like it!

    Sally: I'm surprised you haven't heard of all the drama so far! Kristi from The Story Siren talked about it here:

    April from Good Books and Good Wine did as well:

  12. First of I adore the layout, so pretty! Second; I never let the Hoo ha put me of, because that's what they exactly want. By listening your only proving them right. So good to know your continuing IMM.

    I think it is such a great Meme and if you don't like it, don't participate, end of. I read How I live now such a long time ago, damn I can't even remember the basic plot line. I remember enjoying it and it being very thought provoking. Great books!:)

  13. Oh dear one week where I don't do so much blog surfing and I miss everything. Thanks for the links very interesting stuff. Some people have very strange opinions but they are entitled to them I suppose. I feel bad for Kristi, I would like to know which author made the comment about bloggers. I only started my blog just over a month ago so I am still new to all this but everyone has been great so far. I will not let the opinions of a few people change the way I do things and neither should anybody else.

  14. Hope you enjoy your new books!! My IMM post is here. Happy Reading,

    Zakiya LadyWings

  15. Yay for coming back to IMM! I absolutely loved DELIRIUM (and how pretty is that hardcover?!) and I cannot wait to read BUMPED!

  16. I DID read all that, and I do agree with you! YAY IMM. Sure, it sort of is bragging, but only for those people who do it for the wrong intentions. And you can SO tell who those people are. So go forth & IMM!

  17. Ok, I went to the library and came back with the french version of "How I live now". I decided not to be scared. Well, at least to try. I hope I will like it too.
    Have a great day!

  18. You've got a great batch of books to read in your IMM. I'm shocked you haven't read How I Live Now I really enjoyed it!

    As for your rant. I read the entire post, well said! Bravo! I'm a bit torn with IMM. Being a new blogger, I felt like some bloggers used IMM as more of a brag post than what it was originally intended for.

    For all the reasons it was started for: promoting new books, keeping track of what was received for the week, giving a blurb about a book you've been sent by an author but don't have a chance to get to yet, showcasing library books etc all outweigh the "bragging" posts. IMHO

    For me, I prefer to read an IMM which speaks a little to what the books are about as opposed to just a list. It doesn't need to be much, just a little blurb. If a blogger isn't able to do that, then a link to finding out more details would be appreciated. Being a new blogger, I'm also very interested in how the books were acquired (library, review, netgalley, freebie etc)

    PS: Sorry for such a long post - but I wanted to say one last thing, before closing, your IMM was just PERFECT. Glad you will be participating again. (FYI: I found you through The Slowest Bookworms Blog - she's displayed a cute button I click on to get here -Cheers!)

  19. I still haven't read the Delirium that we got at the signing...ugh. I need to, I know I will love it. I am trying to read books for TLA in April tho...

    Great books this week.



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