Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

Eliza is in a full-blown panic. Her notebook has been stolen—the one that lists everything she wants but is afraid to go after. And the absolute worst person in the world has it: her ex-boyfriend, Cooper.

Like it’s not enough Cooper was lying to Eliza for their entire relationship, now he and his friends are blackmailing her. They’re giving her just one night to complete the most humiliating tasks on her list or they’ll post her secrets online—including the ones that aren’t just about her.

Eliza’s sure of only one thing: she isn’t going down without a fight. Cooper may have what’s left of her dignity, but she’s not the only one with something to hide…

Lauren Barnholdt had me as a dedicated reader once I read Two-Way Street, but now with One Night That Changes Everything, I’ve taken it a step (or two... leaps) further and... let’s just say Lauren may have herself a crazy fangirl.
I honestly loved everything about this book. The characters were great; like Courtney (Barnholdt’s Two-Way Street main character), Eliza was super funny, snarky and totally relatable, and her friends were just the same (they totally felt like my best friends and were not all that different from them too). Eliza’s ex, Cooper, was also one of my favorites (FYI: Lauren definitely knows how to write a nice, super adorable love interest- loved him!).
And I loved that the entire book took place over the course of one night. I’ve had a few all-nighters myself, but nothing as extreme or hilarious as this. Not to mention the things that actually went down in this story. Like Eliza, I’m definitely more of a watch-from-the-sidelines kind of girl, so it was really fun to kind of live vicariously (and embarrass-free) through all the dares that were thrown upon her.
Most of all, I love Barnholdt’s writing style, which I think plays a huge role in how much I love and connect with her stories. Reading a Lauren Barnholdt book is like talking to one of your best friends- effortless and totally fun. And time (or the story, in this case) goes by way too fast.
If you’re looking for a fun, funny, feel-good book, I highly recommend this one (or any other Barholdt book for that matter)! It’s the perfect summer read and can be read just in time to kick off Lauren Barnholdt’s newest release, Sometimes It Happens out July 12th.


  1. This was one of the first books I ever reviewed, so I had to check out your review :)

    Great review, I agree with almost all of it! It really is a fun book, isn't it?

  2. This sounds really good!!! Something l wouldn't necessarily usually read but it sounds very good. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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