Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

You know when you’re reading a really good book, but you’re reading so fast because it’s so great and then before you know it you’re at the end, flipping the final page and looking back it’s all just a big blur, but a really good blur that makes you all wistful and jealous of your past self getting to read an awesome book for the first time?? That’s what reading Anna Dressed in Blood was like for me.

And then I read Girl of Nightmares promptly after and that was another big, super intense blur. So I realized attempting to write a review for this set wasn’t going to be pretty, but I really wanted to anyway, to show how much I enjoyed these books and also, I just have many feelings that I need to get out somehow or I may combust.

This is definitely one of the best series I’ve come across.

Maybe I’ve just been under a rock, or somehow unconsciously avoiding them, but I feel like there are hardly any ghost stories in YA today.

It’s hard for me to describe my love for these two books, to make you go pick ‘em up if you haven’t already, so I’ll just say that if you’re looking for a great, creepy ghost story told in a super hilarious and lovable male voice - start reading.

Also, if you’re like me and obsessed with Supernatural (the TV show) you will most likely love this.

Anna Dressed in Blood has all the elements you'd expect to find in a quality YA paranormal, and it's also fun. Like, yeah, Anna is way creepy and borderline psycho in the beginning and there are even a few deaths thrown in for good measure, but all that doesn't detract from your curiosity and you find yourself right along Cas' side trying to figure out the entire mystery surrounding the haunting of this girl.

Girl of Nightmares is just as great, with the same cast of characters you come to love in the first book, and even a few new ones pop up; we finally get to meet Gideon, the grandfather-like figure who kind of reminds me a lot of Mr. Feeny when I imagine him in my mind, and we learn more background info on Cas' power-wielding super tool, and then of course, there's friend/relationship drama between Cas, Carmel and Thomas, who I sort of love.

By the time I finished both these books I was more than a little sad knowing there isn't going to be a third. I think GoN was an enjoyable sequel, but if I didn't know any better, I'd think it was just that - a sequel, with another book to look forward to. In my opinion, things could have been wrapped up a little... neater, and more thoroughly. The ending was bittersweet, so if you're expecting big miracles and rainbows and unicorns, it'd be best to let that dream die now, but that wasn't really the case for me. There were still a few questions I had that went unanswered and a few predictions that didn't come true, but overall, it was still a great finish to an exceptional stand-out series.

And FYI, these are the perfect books to pull out and curl up to next month if you're festive like me and like your reading to go according to season, so I highly recommend picking them up - you won't regret it. I mean, I almost do, but only because I'm going to miss Cas, Anna, Thomas and Carmel SO MUCH. Read them.

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