Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Talk: Dream Casting

This may be because I'm generally just a picky person, but I hardly ever imagine a celebrity (actor, model, musician, etc.) as a character in a book I'm reading; I'd much rather make up my own fake person based on the info the author provides. That said, there are quite a few books I've read and loved that Hollywood manages to snatch up, and well, I thought it'd be fun to play casting director and cast talented people that I believe are worthy of such roles.

One of my favorite books this year was Gone Girl, and surprisingly, when I heard a movie is already in the works, I was ecstatic. This book just reads like a movie. All throughout the book, I kept thinking how awesome it'd be to do each and every scene - from flashbacks, particular angles, to even the music. (I know, one visually dynamic book and I think I'm James Cameron, whatever.)

Earlier this year, the movie rights were bought by Fox, with Reese Witherspoon set to produce it as well as play the lead role of Amy Dunne, and while I think she's a good actress, I'm not entirely convinced she'd make the perfect Amy. I'm kind of up in the air with the rest of the cast, but for the select few prominent characters, I've got a few recommendations for Hollywood, so casting directors, listen up!

Nick Dunne:

Choice 1: Josh Radnor. Maybe I've just watched way too many episodes of HIMYM, but he just oozes New Yorker to me. Plus, he can totally pass for the cute writerly type. In addition, he's also a great actor, and I'd just love to see him in a role that's entirely different than Ted Mosby.

Choice 2: Jake Gyllenhaal. It's made clear that Nick is an attractive man and since Jake has graced magazine covers with exactly that title, and played playboy-like roles, I think he'd make a nice possibility. Plus, doesn't he look like he'd totally own and run a bar with his sister? Yes, he totally does.

Amy Dunne:

Choice 1: Jessica Chastain. I absolutely loved her in The Help and I heard her performance in Lawless was also great. Obviously, in The Help, her character was a bit more light and fun than Amy Dunne, but I think Chastain is more than talented enough to pull off a stellar portrayal. She is my only choice for this role.

Margo "Go" Dunne:

Choice 1:  Ginnifer Goodwin. I love her as an actress, but a lot of her roles seem to be alike to me. Margo is a bit different, and I think she'd be a good fit and do an excellent job.

Choice 2: Maggie Gyllenhaal. Ok, this may seem kind of dumb, but if we were to go with Jake Gyllenhaal, who better to play his sister than, you know, his sister? I loved them together in Donnie Darko, so having them both act alongside one another again in something just as mysterious and dark would be interesting.


So that's my main cast. If you've read Gone Girl, do you agree? Or should I be lucky this is only a fantasy job and not a real one?

Also, have you ever fancast someone for a favorite literary character, or the opposite - a favorite celebrity for a certain character? Who was it? Is there any book-to-movie adaptation that's in the works that you're looking forward to? Are you happy with its cast?


  1. I haven't finished Gone Girl yet but I think your choice of Jake for Nick is spot on! I can't see Reese as the wife but she may surprise us.

    1. Ooo, then when you finish it, come on back! I'd love to know what you think and your thoughts on the ending. Especially casting-wise!


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