Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Talk: Recommended Movies for Book People

Obviously, I like books. But more than that, I just like stories - plain and simple. Books are just the obsession I seem to show more, and share with you, on this blog. But I'm also a big music junkie, and huge movie buff - I even almost took up studying film in college, but it wasn't until I took a visual communications course (for my current major) where we studied and dissected colors, angles, cuts (basically anything visual) and themes present in films, did I realize this would probably make me hate movies and keep me from enjoying them ever again.

Anyway, I think as book lovers, we all seem to know and enjoy a good story when it's presented to us no matter in what form it may be in, so I thought it'd be fun to point you all in the direction of some films I think anyone that has similar tastes as me, would enjoy.

So here's my list! (Note that I refrained from including any book adaptations, because hellooo that's a given for any of us.)

For romance lovers:
Before SunriseBefore Sunset - If you love a good romance, just watch them. Seriously. Do it. (Also, if you loved/will love Just One Day by Gayle Forman, I promise you will not regret discovering these.)

For those that like dystopian:
The Island - A pretty good "dystopian" movie, perfect for all the dystopian lovers.

For the unreliable narrator lover:
Shutter Island - I love totally crazy, slightly unstable characters. This one is a bit of a mystery and takes place in a crazy hospital. YUSSSS!

For horror freaks:
The Blair Witch Project - Total classic.
Insidious - Not for everyone, but it's actually one of the only "scary" movies I've seen that I've actually enjoyed in the past several years.

Little Miss Sunshine - I love Toddlers in Tiaras, but not because I'm totally into pageants - it's just that I'm well aware of the hilarity involved in every aspect of them. This movie highlights the ridiculousness of them even more, along with some great dysfunctional family issues, too, of course.

For anthology lovers:
Paris, je t'aime - Multiple stories all taking place in the city of love. Some will make you laugh, cry and even swoon - the recipe for the perfect film, no? (Be forewarned it has subtitles. I always forget not everyone enjoys these.)

For those that love action, adventure, good stories:
The Dark Knight trilogy - 'Nuff said, this should totally be a given, right? Well, apparently I'm WRONG because I've come across some people who actually have never seen any of the movies, and um, that's just blasphemy. You don't know what you're missing, especially in the final movie. (Hint: Anne Hathaway kicking major ass in a catsuit.)

Are there any movies out there you think I, or any book people would love? Bring on the recs!

(And stay tuned for my recommended TV for book people!)

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