Monday, January 28, 2013

January, in a nutshell

Okay, so I'm officially home from vacation - back to the real world and all that good stuff. One of the worst, most dreaded things about getting back to my old routine is playing catch up. Since there are a million and one (okay, I may be exaggerating a little) reviews I need to write up and schedule, it might take a while. But I've read some super great books in the last month and all I want more than anything right now is to share my insane fangirl love for them with YOU!

So, first up: The Summer series by Jenny Han

Yes, I'm well aware of how I may be the last person ever to read this series, but in case I'm wrong and you happen to be the last person to read them, DO IT. They are basically everything I love about contemporary YA all rolled up into a set of three books. I did have problems throughout of course, but the ending was totally satisfying and redeemed any violent attacking I wanted to inflict on some of these imaginary people.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

One of the best dystopians ever. I'm not really sure why I waited forever and a day to read this one, but I'm thinking I must have seen a negative review and delayed it, so there ya go! A very good reason why you shouldn't always judge a book solely based on someone else's opinion of it. I have the sequel in my hands now and cannot wait to read!

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I was in the mood for a nice pick-me-up type of read when Racquel from The Book Barbies suggested this one. I think I may go seek her book guidance more often because this was a total winner. Reminded me a lot of The Truth About Forever.

Raw Blue by Kristy Eagar

The more I think about this book, the more I realize how much I liked it. It's heavy and deep, but real and true and just exactly what a book like this is supposed to be. Also, I'm now 99.9% sure why I didn't enjoy Easy by Tammara Webber. Not only was I not the right reader for it, but what I really wanted was THIS book, and a much more realistic portrayal of a traumatic situation. (That's not to say there are right or wrong ways to act when you experience something like what the protagonists do, but I'm pretty sure of some things they wouldn't.)

If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

Never have I wanted to punch a love interest so hard in the face as I did while reading this book. So that's a first. Corrine is a real talent and I can't wait to read more from her! Such a great debut/contemp.

Spell Bound (Hex Hall, book 3) by Rachel Hawkins

FINALLY finished this series! In case you don't know, Rachel Hawkins is awesome and this is one of my absolute favorites so I guess I was putting off the ending for as long as I could. At least until I saw the cover for the the first book in the spin-off series, School Spirits, and wanted SO BADLY to read the synopsis and knew the only way I could do that was to say goodbye to Sophie and Archer and Jenna and did I mention Archer? Thankfully, since there's a spin-off it's not a real goodbye, but I'll miss Sophie's narrative DEARLY. She was the best.

So that was the best of January in a nutshell. Have you read anything exceptionally good? TELL ME!

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