Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talk Wordy To Me (4)

Unlike most people that jumped on this book as soon as they could, I'm not much of a Peter Pan fan. I actually don't even recall any details of the movie when I saw it loooong ago. Instead, the main reason it caught my attention was its dedication. So lovely and cute and ahhh.

Seriously, that's all it took. Some love reading the author's acknowledgments (which I do too), but for me, dedications are the absolute best.

-Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson


  1. I WONDER WHERE YOU GOT SUCH AN AWESOME BOOK FROM. That was subtle right? I never saw that dedication obviously because I didn't want to pre-crack the spine. Only the real owner should have that honour! That's super cute though, I like it.

    1. haha, thanks for your consideration. And I actually first saw the acknowledgement on tumblr, then learned where it was from. Then I HAD to have it for sure.

    2. Oh, and thanks again, btw!

  2. You're welcome! (I write as it's 6am and I've just finished Saving June so I'm WIDE AWAKE blerg)

  3. What an absolutely awesome dedication! I agree, dedications are the absolute best. One of my favorites is Veronica Roth's in Divergent for her mother, very touching! :)


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