Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy Worthy Topics

This week's list is a compilation of themes/topics that automatically deem a book worthy of purchasing at full price. At least for me.

1. Male POVs - See favorites, such as Where She Went and Something Like Normal

2. Unreliable narrators - Other favorites: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and Gone Girl

3. Witches - Self-explanatory. They are awesome.

4. Horror - R.L. Stine spoiled young Briana with his Fear Street series and I have not since been able to find a book/series as awesome in this department.

5. "Summer reads" - A la Dessen, Cabot, Echols, Scott, and... you get the picture. Don't let the "fluffiness" labels fool you. Total faves!

6. Mystery - I don't think YA has enough of these.

7. Revenge - Ditto to the above, which is why I cannot wait for this book and this book. EXCITED!

8. Sports - I'm a big sports fan, and I love to see sports as either a central or partial focus in a story - I don't even care, I'll take what I can get. (Recent enjoyable reads: Catching Jordan and Dare You To)

9. 24-hour time spans - Love Nick and Norah, Where She Went, Perfect Fifths and One Night That Changes Everything. Obviously this technique works well for me. I want more!

10. Dual narratives - He said/she said books are again, some of my favorites, so when I hear a book has both (or numerous) perspectives, I jump on it. (Faves include: Two-way Street and Under the Never Sky)

And while we're on the topic of what works for me, here are a few that do not and are usually Briana Deal Breakers. (Keep in mind some of these do have exceptions.)

1. Pregnancy - Only one of my fave authors has managed to make it work for me. And it's a satire. So yeah, there's that.
2. Drugs - Never did get the hype for Go Ask Alice. Not my thing then, not my thing now.
3. Fiction books written by celebrities - I do love Duff and Allen's series, though.
4. Anthologies - To this day I have not finished an anthology. And I own close to ten of them.
5. Books that are supposed to be diverse, but only play into stereotypes - That was a mouthful. But... I don't really know how else to say it. The Perfect Chemistry series (by Simone Elkeles) has a lot of fans, but just attempting to read a snippet of it (and books similar to it) had me cringing, which happens a lot when a character of hispanic descent is involved. Heavy slang and bad spanish are so often used, I just feel like this is such an awful stereotype so many writers turn to for no other reason that I see than laziness. I'm part spanish myself and living in south Texas, I know many hispanics. And NONE of them talk like that. That's not to say others don't, but I just feel like at this point, this stereotype reflects badly and has so many negative and racial connotations.


ANYWAY. That was longer than I intended. And that last one is whole other topic altogether. Let me know if we have any of these in common, and feel free to leave me links to your lists!


  1. Ooooo, dual narratives are a lot of fun! I loved how it worked in Dash & Lily's Book of Dares!

  2. Witches made my list as well. I didn't think to add unreliable narrators, but that is a good pick too. They always keep me guessing. I love the Mara Dyer series!

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