Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Books, blogging, laziness and dirty toilets

I'm baaack! Or in case you didn't notice I was ever gone (which: ouch), I was, but now I'm here. Again. YAY! I've been a total fail at blogging (obv) but not TOO MUCH at reading (well... kind of at that, too), but def not at buying and hoarding books in the last several months - because hello, shopaholic here!

Obviously, I still get sidetracked easily. ANYWAY....

A lot has happened since November aka my last blog entry (a book haul, naturally); a lot of which that spurred my total unplanned blogging hiatus, the first being that I finally got a part-time job! Which is awesome except of course for the part that includes dealing with horribly rude people and cleaning dirty toilets AKA welcome to retail! Glamorous, I know. But at least now I get an okay amount of money that funds my overflowing closet and - of course - bookshelves.

Aside from the job (which actually does take up a lot of my time and energy I'll have you know), sometimes the last thing I want to do is, well, anything that doesn't involve sleeping. So laziness = me. BUT since I'm actually not so lazy at the moment as you can tell if you're reading this blog post which is my first in months, I'm here to let you -- yes, YOU! who is reading this right now, who I want to SQUEEZE bc I've missed you so! -- that I'm back. Regularly, hopefully, because I've got a stack (or more like an avalanche lately) of books that need to be read and a stack just as high of read books that need to be reviewed. Because while I haven't been talking/blogging your ears/feeds off, I have read a few AMAZING books whose *fangirling-errwhere* reviews are way past due here.

So expect that soonish.

And more later. I have to go nap now.

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