Tuesday, September 30, 2014


...Can you tell I'm still going through GoT withdrawals? ANYWAY.

Since October is indeed coming up, I decided in celebration, I'd try my best to blog ALL THE FUN THINGS since that's what this month is made up of. At least for me. Some people are into December, but me? I'm an October girl. And I wasn't even one of those little kids that loved going trick-or-treating either. My love for this month definitely grew as I got older; everything about it just makes me happy. The weather finally calming down (south TX is brutal, y'all), the pumpkin-scented-flavored everything, horror movie marathons, Halloweentown marathons, Hocus Pocus marathons, candy, hayrides, haunted houses and just... the overall atmosphere and vibe of October. It's my Happy Time.

That said, there's only 31 days of October to enjoy and so many things to choose from, so I'm here to recommend a few. And since I know and love October, you should listen to me. If you want (...to have a good time).

Check back tomorrow since I'm short on time now (yes this was a total spontaneous last minute post and I feel like such a tease but damn work! look I have an excuse this time) and if you have any fun ideas, traditions or really anything you'd like to contribute, let me know!

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