(Last updated March 2013)

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I want to state that I buy ALL of my books. I don’t even use libraries (long story). That being said, books are expensive so I’m definitely selective when choosing books to purchase. I base my decision on reviews, buzz and of course, the author. So if you see a lot of 5 or 4 and a half star reviews, please know that they ARE genuine. Promise. It’s basically all due to my selective choosing--I’m just a great book picker. Come on, who wants to buy a bad book? Of course, when I do come across a book that isn't to my liking I won't always review it on here not because I don't want to, but because when I find that a book I'm reading isn't my thing, I will most likely throw it into my DNF (Did Not Finish) pile. Too many books to read to waste time on something I don't like!

What I read: I read/review primarily YA but I'll switch it up from time to time, depending on the book. Some of the other genres I'm interested in include adult fiction, what I call "coffee-table books," and some memoirs. Just to give you an idea, a few authors I love include: Meg Cabot, Richelle Mead, Gillian Flynn, Kristin Harmel, Jodi Picoult.

Review Copies: I do accept ARCs (and finished copies) for review. I usually receive them either through publishers or publicists that contact me. And of course, contests. I don’t usually request ARCs, but I HAVE requested a few that I’ve been absolutely excited for, that I really wanted to not only review, but have a few contests and features for as well. As for reviewing, I am 110% honest when reviewing an ARC that’s been given to me. If I like the book, I ALWAYS go out and buy a copy for myself, and often times I’ll buy multiple for friends or giveaways. I definitely think ARCs are a privilege, one I believe shouldn’t be abused by people who are just looking for free books.
Please note: I do not accept e-books, especially with my horrible eyesight. I have a kindle now, so I gladly and merrily enjoy reading and reviewing e-books & e-galleys.

About Reviewing: My reviewing strategy is pretty basic. I want my reviews to be simply that--a review for people who haven’t read a book and are possibly looking for an incentive to, or to simply shed light on a book that someone doesn’t know much about. I provide a summary that’s either located on or inside the book or the author’s website, so I don’t have to summarize the book myself. In my reviews I try to highlight my favorite scenes, characters, etc, comment on the author’s writing style and I also include a rating (which is located on my sidebar). All of my reviews are spoiler-free unless noted, and I don’t often go into too much detail in the review either. I HATE spoilers and would hate to ruin someone’s reading experience. I also like to include links to relative sites such as goodreads, where blog readers may purchase the book, as well the author's website and social networking sites.

Also, I usually follow my own timetable as to when I read/review titles, but if you pitch me a book and have a specific request or date in mind, do let me know so I can be certain to schedule accordingly, ahead of time.

Please note: I do NOT accept self-published titles for review at this time.

Giveaways: The prizes for contests and giveaways I have are ALL provided by me, as well as all of the costs/expenses. If an author contacts me and asks me to host a giveaway, I’d be happy to. And I will clearly state and credit them as the prize provider.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My e-mail: breesbooks@gmail.com

Thank you.